Thursday, August 19, 2010

Know The Basic of DSLR Camera

These days many are already able to purchase their own digital camera. Not less well with SLR type digital camera. Do you know what is SLR? SLR means Single Lens Reflect. What is Single Lens Reflect? Single Lens Reflect means, you see exactly what the lens sees.For more information, here accompanied by a diagram that may help your understanding.

The Anatomy of a Digital SLR

To properly answer "what is a digital SLR?" you have to understand a bit about the mechanics of an SLR camera.In order to avoid getting overly technical I've simplified this diagram and am highlighting the key elements.

                                                                          Digital SLR Camera Diagrams

   1. Light passes through the lens and strikes a mirror
   2. The mirror reflects the light up to a focusing screen
   3. Light passes through the focusing screen and enters a block of glass called a pentaprism
   4. The pentaprism reflects the image so that you can see it in the viewfinder
   5. When you take a photo, the mirror flips up and a shutter opens that exposes the digital sensor to light

This is a great example of what-you-see-is-what-you-get. By using the viewfinder you can precisely compose your image and adjust the focus.Is the image that you see in the viewfinder 100% accurate? In most cases it isn't.If you read digital SLR camera reviews, you may hear a lot about viewfinder "coverage" and "brightness".

Many digital SLR viewfinders only show you 95% of the image that will be captured by the sensor - this is what "coverage" refers to. Unless you are extremely precise when it comes to your photographs you won't notice the 5% difference.Digital SLR viewfinders also vary in brightness, which is another way of saying how clear the image appears. "Bright" viewfinders make it easier to use manual focus, since you can clearly see the details of your subject.

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